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Why You Need to Hire a

Digital Brand Manager


Your customers probably interact with you online, whether searching for customer support at your web site or following your social media to find special offers. Making sure the experience consumers have with your digital media is positive and consistent with your overall brand image is just part of the reason companies are hiring digital brand managers.


Digital brand managers make sure you have an online presence on important social media sites. Consumers expect to engage with firms online, and a bad experience can lead to viral bad publicity. And digital brand managers make sure consumers can find you online, working to implement digital marketing strategies and evaluating new digital technologies to see how they can support your other marketing efforts.


Your online presence is also a factor in attracting employees. A smooth online application process, backed up by an informative website about working at your company, can encourage potential employees to submit their information. Meanwhile, an uninformative site and unfriendly online application process — like requiring candidates to key in information rather than parsing it from an uploaded resume — can drive candidates away.


For potential employees in the technology space, your online presence is also an indicator of your commitment to working with new technology and whether you'll offer the kinds of opportunities and challenges they're interested in. If your website isn't mobile friendly or you don't have a mobile app, those can suggest that you're behind the times technically and reduce their interest in working for you.




Why Digital Marketing Trends May Require

You To Hire A Digital Marketing Agency


The digital marketing world is ever fluid, always dynamic and never dull, especially to the ever growing need to grow that CMO constantly faces. This is in part due to the emergence of new trends that are fundamentally changing the way marketers and brands reach out to potential customers. This changing landscape is essentially urging all players to step outside their comfort zone in order to attract high quality leads.


Outside of their comfort zone, traditional digital marketers are faced with a series of challenging tasks. From understanding the need to market across cross-platform devices and channels, to running customer-segmentation based messaging campaigns, these and other digital marketing trends are defining the future of marketing.


While there are plenty of growth hacking techniques available to CMOs and other marketing leaders, it might make sense to rely on an occasional helping hand.


Indeed, to help make sense of marketing trends and to capitalize on what they may mean for your business, consider hiring a third-party digital marketing agency to meet the demands and deadlines of your digital marketing to-do list.




Why would a CMO need to use an

external digital marketing agency?


1. Stay Industry-Relevant


For starters, digital marketing agencies must follow the latest developments across digital marketing trends on a regular basis. It is part of their job description. If certain agencies fail to grasp what is happening, changing or unfolding in their industry, they will cease to be relevant. This is especially important, as current digital trends indicate that effective marketing requires brands to reach their target audience while adopting advanced omni-channel strategies. While your eye is understandably on your company and the product, digital marketing agencies are committed to keeping you abreast of all the latest developments in marketing.


2. Better Industry Storytellers


While your marketing team may be working really hard to promote your product offering, digital marketing agencies are made up of experienced professionals that can provide tangible value in defining and spreading your brand’s appeal across leading industry players. This focus can help bring about real results that can be very beneficial to your company. For instance, if your chosen agency succeeds in creatively generating positive PR about your brand’s ability to meet trend-related demands, this will improve your company’s image and naturally, help you capitalize on many marketing opportunities.


Hank Ostholthoff, the CEO of digital marketing agency Mabbly, agrees. "Unless you have a massive overhead budget, it's almost impossible to hire effectively the skill sets needed to capitalize on many digital marketing opportunities. The capable talent to execute the digital strategies is an inherent part of agency culture, one that needs to be stimulated by daily deep, creative exercises. Also, today in the competitive digital landscape, brands need to limit risk, reduce human resource efforts, and purchase results by an accountable agency."





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