CYMB Consulting Agency: Let Us Help You Build Your Brand


Gone are the days when promoting your business meant handing out business cards and putting an ad in the paper. Your customers have changed. They’re sophisticated. They’re busy. They’re distracted.


In just the last few years, the digital age has truly changed the way customers interact with brands. That means there are a lot more opportunities and challenges when it comes to reaching your key customers.


Before you get bogged down in marketing tactics, lets back up and think about your business. What should your brand to “look” like to a typical customer? What’s your brand’s voice? How are you going to express this voice to your customers? That’s where a branding agency comes in.


Why Hire CYMB Consulting Agency Inc.


CYMB Consulting Agency helps you discover, articulate and paint a vivid picture of your brand.


Not having a sharply-defined brand strategy in place is like traipsing through the woods without a compass. A branding agency will help you identify your brand’s personality and help you develop a strategy to communicate across all of your marketing and advertising campaigns.



CYMB Consulting Agency can help identify your target markets.


A key factor in your branding strategy is identifying your customers. Your brand identity should reflect who you are and have just the right mix of emotion and logic to appeal to your target markets.



CYMB Consulting Agency can help you articulate your company’s values.


In order to help you understand what makes your company tick, we first learn about every aspect of your company – your management, processes, goals, and philosophies – so that we can help you develop, define, and articulate your brand across all platforms.



CYMB Consulting Agency makes sure your brand strategy is the foundation of all your marketing efforts.


Now comes the fun part. Once we’ve articulated your brand strategy, we ask: Is the strategy reflected in my web page design? In my printed brochures? In my TV advertising? Think of your brand strategy as your company’s true core: its look and feel, its voice and values.



CYMB Consulting Agency helps you take advantage of new technologies and resources.


Required for building an emotional connection to your customers. You want to extend the reach of your brand by taking advantage of emerging technologies, mobile platforms, social media, and new website technologies to engage and connect with your customers wherever they’re at.



A branding agency can help you create a core brand strategy, while crafting clear, consistent, and memorable marketing messages. And from past experience, we have fun doing it!


We’re always around if you have questions. Happy 2017 and much success to you, your families and your businesses.



CYMB Consulting Agency has the expertise to build and grow your communities.


If you only post to your social media without a plan in order, you are barely getting by. Consultants have the knowledge and expertise that you may not have and they know what “white hat” tactics to use to make sure you receive the best results.



CYMB Consulting Agency as more time than you do to do it.


In a world where everyone is running from meeting to meeting and constantly working, an agency can do digital media faster than you and be more accurate. If you have terrible branding, who will trust you with their other projects?



CYMB Consulting Agency is not as expensive as you are expecting it to be


We understand that sometimes the word agency has a negative connotation of being expensive and yuppie. CYMB Consulting Agency is a small firm that offers packages based on your budget. We can provide you the support you need without having to pay a full-time salary or an astronomical price to have great results.


CYMB Consulting Agency creates packages based on your needs


Let’s say that you only want social media or you only want branding, we have customization packages that can do that. You shouldn’t pay for someone full-time to run nine social platforms and put out seven blogs per week if that isn’t what you want.


CYMB Consulting Agency can educate you


Think about the top 5 social media companies that you love to read updates from but you don’t know how to do it. Let us drive the social media bus. We can show you the best tactics and design options to meet your needs and show you how we go about doing so. Our team of experts have years of experience and know how to drive results.





What To Look For In a Digital Agency


Before hiring someone, make sure you have a strong vision of what you are looking to do, set goals, a budget and be realistic about your expectations. You can’t expect to go from having a Facebook page with 5 followers to 1,000 by tomorrow. We are digital strategists not magicians. On our end, we will give your our reasonable expectations and let you know how we plan on helping you get to that 1,000, 10,000 or multiple thereafter.


When interviewing a digital agency to help you with your marketing plan, make sure that you are asking them related questions. Talk to them about the different clients they’ve worked for and the work they’ve done. Any good marketing agency will have reports and case studies they can share about how they helped this brand go from the third page of Google to the first or how they increased sales or interaction. A good agency will be able to write web or blog content for you, design all of your branding needs like logos, websites, brochures, etc. A good digital agency can create, manage and run your social media posts and communities, build strategies and host contests or events that you may want to run. A competent digital agency should also have a relationship with the media and deal with pitching stories for you and also creating press releases.


A good digital agency will also have great communication with you and explain to you how the campaigns are coming and what the results are. Once you have this in place, you can focus on the other tasks that you have to worry about.  CYMB Consulting Agency is a professional digital branding agency that takes the worry out of social media, SEO,  creating your digital content and even your media buys. We help you to stay relevant and focus your brand to help drive positive results, which in turn leads to more business and publicity for you.


CYMB Consulting Agency can help you with all of the items listed above. If you have questions or want to know more, feel free to email (, call (323)-800-1773, send smoke signals or telegraph messages to us! We will be happy to sit with you and discuss your options. You can trust us at CYMB Consulting Agency, we are professionals.




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